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20 Coworkers We Wish We Worked With Every Day

Good relationships between coworkers are a major part of employee engagement. And we believe working in teams, like the ones featured on this list, produce the most efficiency.

At Bight Side, we believe that either you adore your coworkers or you don’t — but many of them are so great, they definitely deserve a tip of the hat.

“I built a cardboard cubicle castle for a coworker’s birthday.”

“My coworker went on maternity leave, so we decided to grow a lawn on her desk.”

“A fellow cook double parked their car behind another coworker and left...we gave their car a quick makeover to show our appreciation.”

“A coworker informed me that my Deus Ex Machina sweater may be sending the wrong message...”

“My coworker with arthrogryposis came to work as Jimmy Valmer from South Park.”

“My coworker’s keyboard is very...interesting.”

A prank on an employee’s last day at 1489:

“My coworkers decorated my desk during my vacation.”

“Today we packed 100 lunches for low-income elementary school students. My coworker and I decorated some of the lunch bags.”

“Left my desk for a few minutes. My coworker calls me and tells me I must get back to my desk immediately. Got back to my desk to find this.”

“Some egg containers my wife got from a coworker”

“I told my coworkers how my brother always stole my lucky charms and I got this the next day.”

“Someone made a memorial for a coworker who moved to a different cubicle.”

That’s a necessity!

“My coworker took out the trash and found this...”

“My coworker cut her hand open making avocado toast and had to get stitches. Today, I had this ready in her office when she came into work.”

“I work with dogs. These are my coworkers...”

“My 19-year-old coworker drove Power Wheels to work. That’s a car battery on the hood.”

This wire scorpion a coworker made

“These were for a coworker that quit, came back and then quit again.”

Which one of these made you want to switch offices and work with these guys? Be sure to share your stories and thoughts in the comment section below.

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