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20+ Crazy Trends the Fashion Industry Has Up Its Sleeve

Haute Couture is a part of fashion that is not easily understood. And here's why.

We at Bright Side deem ourselves to be quite the fashionistas when it comes to easy, comfortable, and everyday fashion. But these 28 cases of high fashion had us baffled. Which one got you?

Shorts over jacket

Superman got away with wearing underwear on top for decades – was that the idea here?

Blue sweater medley

He looks cozy, thats for sure.

Cleaning cloth dress

The clean spin on a "little black dress."

The twin set

The best part of those is the covered faces.

White swan

The ballet sure had it wrong – a lip injection is a scary nice touch.

Hat or glasses?

This designer surely knows how to utilize Lego pieces.

Literal overalls

Is a guide dog part of the outfit?

Bread dress

This lady can feed the village.

Mummy dearest

Is the cotton Egyptian?

Breakfast patterns

I wonder what sparked the designer's imagination?

Trousers to impress

The man looks like he swallowed the accordion.

The Papercut

Was she supposed to be a paper rabbit?

Cocky color ball

The attitude is serving it.

Shower cap overdone

She's a human floatie.


Not the superhero we want...nor the one we need.

Rainbow mushroom

Because one color is never enough.


You'll never guess where she's looking.

Rustic glam look

When in doubt – put a bow on it!

Bubble wrap

She looks like she fell into a bubble pit, covered in Elmer's glue.


The wrong girl was called a Powerpuff.

The "Carry-on."

The girl hanging upside down – I hope she's not passed out. It would be up to high fashion to strap her up anyways.

Fashionable Pinhead

You can't shake off the resemblance, can you?

Baseball in style

If the Hunchback of Notre-Dame had his hump fixed.

Can't forget the ladies.

Doesn't it look...refreshing?


Or, for those of you, who remember – Cousin Itt, for sure.

Pink and puffy

This looks almost wearable.

The shoe show

Crocs just keep getting less and less attractive.

Which one was your favorite? Or maybe you have a little fashion story of your own to share? Feel free to do so in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown/imgur, braintrustinc/reddit
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