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20+ Decisions Made by People Who Aren’t Afraid of Looking Childish (Warning: It’s Hard to Stop Laughing at Them)

Adult people who manage to keep a fresh outlook on life can always find unusual solutions to any situation: they can fix pants with a watch, make a cool tattoo sleeve without feeling any pain, and make money off photos of an invisible man.

Bright Side is amazed by people who manage to hold on to a piece of their childhood and here are some examples of the genius ways they use it to their advantage.

When you want to experiment more than you want to listen to your mind:

A connect-the-dots tattoo

“My girlfriend wants to talk about me being childish but she doesn’t have the password to enter.”

How Brazilians form a queue in the World Cup:

How to use the bathroom while wearing a big wedding dress:

Taking the dog for a stroll

“My boyfriend won a pack of temporary dinosaur tattoos last night. We made the obvious choice.”

Anything becomes better with pizza on it!

He can adapt really quickly.

When you really want to have a balcony:

As long as there are girls like this, Instagram has a future.

“Been making some friends at the pool party in Punta Cana tonight. Work smarter, not harder.”

It keeps the body going.

“The button of my friend’s pants popped off mid-party. ’I have an idea,’ he said...”

“No corkscrew? I gotcha, comrades!”

“My neighbor doesn’t want to buy a riding lawnmower.”

Because real men don’t cry...

“So, we got our graduation photos back.”

“Mom, can I color your arm, please?”

“My father is a genius.”

“I found this invisible man in Nice, France.”

“I found the Duk Mobil in Madison today!”

Do you like finding unusual solutions that might seem childish to other people? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Colleen AF Venable / flickr
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