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20+ Designer Trolls Who Must Have Done It on Purpose

Do you know that the iconic Nike logo was designed by a student named Carolyn Davidson who only got paid $35? Later, she received an undisclosed amount of shares from the company’s executives.

We at Bright Side are fond of talented people who are able to make design history. But even with good design, things can go wrong. Here are a collection of design fails we found to be the most hilarious. Let’s laugh together!

1. Our company would like to be more transparent with the data.

2. I can’t even think of a good reason for this many light bulbs.

3. Mildly clever. Your hands are getting sanitized whether you like it or not.

4. It looks like they were trying to make this into a coffee bean-shaped design feature, but didn’t once stop to consider that it might be a terrible idea.

5. This is the seat for those who are going but aren’t interested in the game.

6. Kill me, please.

7. No.

8. I have a very useful cup holder.

9. I’m so interested in how many people choose the wrong door.

10. Surprise!

11. Because we didn’t know what to do with all that space.

12. This is me at the start and the end of the work week.

13. Why the floating head?

14. Are you sure this is a good idea? I’ve never slept in watermelon before.

15. Is this for extra tall people with no back problems?

16. Which way is she going?

17. If putting a wasp instead of a bee in here was intentional, that’s some strong double irony!

18. — Here you go Johnny, I bought you a coloring book! — Thanks. All done.

19. — How’s does it taste? — Well, it depends on the person.

20. What happened to you Marge?

21. Kitty, what have you done over there?! Ah, OK, sorry.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Do you think that these fails could have happened to anyone? Share your opinions with us!

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