20+ Epic Shots Made of 100% Misery

There're lots of misery around us, like Mondays or when your favorite drink gets stuck in a snack machine. If those sound familiar, you'll enjoy this list of the most epic misery wizards we've ever seen.

Sometimes it seems like the whole world is against us, laughing at us the whole way. Why does it always feel like the bad things happen only to you?

Bright Side prepared a series of "Why me?!" photos for you to bask in your epic misery with those around you.

1. This is what navigating 8,000 containers through the Atlantic Ocean looks like:

2. The magic of Monday in action!

3. Tell me how bad your day was.

4. I was asked to make smoothies. Done.

5. Here is our daughter's first flight to Europe. "And we'll be able to see Paris as we fly over it!"

6. Just wanted some ice for my whisky.

7. Guess who's day it is.

8. Yesterday I made a poor decision about my skin and the effect of prolonged sun exposure.

9. Everything you needed to know about this evil machine.

10. I seem to be a Lord of spoons.

11. If it's not a lizard knife, I have no explanation.

12. It won't turn upside down. It just won't.

13. "I didn't like that flavor anyway."

14. Ever wondered what would happen if you washed a pillow?

15. "I don't know how this happened, I work at a toilet paper factory..."

16. It's a kind of magic!

17. "I knew I forgot something outside..."

18. "I am 32 years old and I just fell for the oldest trick in the book..."

19. Teenage drift went wrong.

20. Most epic triple combo in life.

21. Wanted a romantic dinner. Guess, it's a sign.

22. Don't squat while wearing slacks at work. Ever.

23. First winter snow.

24. "How I entered the office this morning..."

Have you ever experienced such epic misery in your life? Share your stories in the comments and let people know they're not alone!

Preview photo credit Haganblount / imgur, vogugi / reddit
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