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20+ Everyday Quick Fixes That Are Hilariously Useful

There are around 1.5 million people in India that earn engineering degrees every year. Being an engineer is a respectable profession and we like to think there's an inner engineer in all of us who manages to fix things instantly and almost perfectly.

Here at Bright Side, we managed to find some capable engineers on the internet that fix things in record time in the most hilarious ways.

1. "Trust me, I'm an engineer."

2. Blizzard + ingenuity = Win

3. Being resourceful

4. Bachelor level: Engineer

5. "Our couch at the firehouse broke so we fixed it."

6. Don't have money to fix it? Improvise!

7. "Roommate punched a hole in his door. I fixed it."

8. Don't DIY...

9. "As a student with no money, I present to you, my new cups!"

10. "I guess that's one way to fix the bike."

11. "My friends went to college."

12. Pretty clever, eh?

13. Desperate times...

14. A sneak peek inside an engineering college

15. You gotta be resourceful to survive college!

16. They're not broke, they're genius!

17. "This is why old people curse our generation."

18. "My nephew accidentally knocked the head off of Santa. My mom fixed it."

19. The most annoying fan

20. Whatever works!

21. "Girlfriend broke the water filter, so I fixed it."

22. Chess, broke college student style

Weren't these creative? If you liked this article, share it! Who knows, maybe it will inspire people around you to learn to fix things more easily. If you have any hilarious fix-it stories, drop them in the comments and let the world see!

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