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20 Evil Sights That Are Crushing Our Fragile Soul

The world is a cruel place and we're not even talking about global things. No matter if it's a doughnut's icing stuck to the container or messed up makeup - when the good luck turns its back on you, it can make you laugh and cry at the same time.

Bright Side has collected 20 painful sights that could make you reconsider your idea of a bad day...or simply cheer you up.

1. This is the epitome of "unlucky."

2. Are you expecting me to spend money on these?!

3. When you're not even fat, but your scale has another opinion.

4. Headphones are the devil's creation.

5. It seems like someone forgot about the door when installing the toilet.

6. I didn't expect this kind of prank from a doughnut!

7. Geez! This is literally the worst thing on Earth!

8. Body hair is the new clothes.

9. Woah! This looks harsh.

10. Spot the original.

11. This has to be one of the worst things I've ever seen.

12. OK, I take it back. Who the heck would do this?!

13. Someone really hates crust.

14. So you don't see the line? Seriously?

15. This is what high-quality sneakers look like:

16. Someone clearly loves sleep more than food.

17. Now I need these so I can wear them inside out.

18. The cruelest prank for perfectionists

19. We're not friends anymore.

20. I bet it took hours to apply all this makeup.

Which pic was the most painful to look at? Maybe you have your own stories to share on this topic? Feel free to do it in the comments.

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