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20+ Examples That Prove the World Still Has a Lot to Impress Us With

It seems like there is nothing left in this world that can surprise the modern person and we have already seen everything imaginable. But nature and people’s inventiveness don’t stay in one place and we end up seeing unique patterns on animals or cool hacks for everyday things every now and then. You’re gonna see all of that in our article.

We at Bright Side like to find different interesting and unusual things, and we hope you’ll like them too. Don’t miss our shocking bonus at the end!

“These tumbleweeds that piled up in front of my brother’s house.”

Frozen water formed an ice crater in a waterfall.

Gorilla paw with vitiligo

“The end of this tabby cat’s tail is orange.”

This natural color that shows under the bark on this tree

This lightbulb contains 9 smaller lightbulbs.

A piece of ice in the shape of Iceland, found in Iceland

Magical circles

Arctic hares

This plant is growing out of a wall.

“How the cactus scratched my fence in the wind last night”

“My dessert fork has a tiny fork inside it.”

The prongs weren’t cut on this fork.

This unique wooden bicycle frame design

Ice that formed around this berry

The winter creeping through this keyhole

What it looks like when a cat licks cheese:

“The oil in the tire track left at my job”

The golden record/rocket pizza cutter

A rock inside a rock

“My garbage can made a garbage can-shaped ice cube.”

“The logo on my umbrella only shows up when it’s wet.”

“My kitten has DOUBLE double fangs!”

Perfect moment

Bonus: Sulfur hexafluoride is much denser than air

We would love to ride that bike with the wooden frame. How about you?

Preview photo credit IansjonesPGH / reddit
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