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20 Eye-Fooling Photos That Prove We Should Doubt Everything We See

Magic outside of Hogwarts does exist. Otherwise, how can we explain some of the things that happen around us? Imagine that you wanted to take an ordinary photo, but an incredible coincidence helped you create an absolutely unique picture. Pure sorcery!

Bright Side has spent a few hours surfing the internet trying to find the most amazing coincidences and unusual things. Enjoy!

20. 100% savage

19. Mirror, mirror on the wall...

18. The most perfect cat selfie

17. Stop! Don’t jump!

16. “Luckily my son grew into his hand.”

15. This farmland is flat but looks 3D after the snow was blown around.

14. What are you?

13. When your head pierces the sky:

12. Corgman

11. This floating Moroccan mosque

10. Installation art

9. Is it about the reflection or the color of a car?

8. This water from the faucet looks like a wine glass.

7. This is one photo.

6. This mirror makes it look like the entire bathroom is in the tub.

5. A giant dog... Run!!!!

4. These 2 shirts form an unbroken chain.

3. “This man looks like he’s in the car parked next to me.”

2. The best position

1. Just give your brain a minute.

Bonus: A British artist draws incredible 3D works of art on the pavement.

Which photo is the most puzzling?

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