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20 Facepalm Situations That Vividly Describe the Life of an Introvert

The world is one big obstacle of avoiding human interaction for introverts. And many of them often invent super creative ways to reach their goal of being left the heck alone! So the next time you see your introverted friend (or don’t because they’ll probably find a clever way out of it), remember that they’ve probably found themselves in some of the situations listed below.

The Bright Side team has compiled a list of these facepalm situations that every introvert can nod their heads in agreement to.

1. When people don’t understand that it’s rarely the same thing for you:

2. When THESE interactions are the ones you don’t quite mind:

3. “Activate minor panic attack.”

4. That seems long enough, doesn’t it?

5. When you just don’t have it in you to confront people directly:

6. When you realize you should’ve just stayed home:

7. Friend: “Why don’t you come hang out with us at the party tonight?”

Me: “Sorry, I already made plans.”

Me :

8. When there’s a large group present and you’re suddenly asked a question:

9. When your friends finally convince you to go out but you’re happier staying in:

10. When your parents just can’t stop asking you to smile for photos you don’t want to be in:

11. When you have only one best friend that you’re super comfortable being around:

12. When this is literally you recharging after a stressful day of meeting people:

13. When you invite a friend home for courtesy’s sake but they actually agree to come:

14. When someone is trying to invade your personal space:

15. This is too relatable.

16. When no one cancels plans and you actually have to go out:

17. If we had a dollar for each time this happened...

18. When someone tries to call you instead of texting:

19. This is just awkward times awkward.

20. When people think you’re boring just because you’re quiet:

Are you an introvert or an extravert? Which of the points above sounds the most relatable to you? What other situations make your introverted soul constantly roll its eyes? We would love to hear your comments.

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