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20+ Facepalm Things Tourists Found in Their Hotels, and It Will Be Hard to Forget Such Vacations

When we choose a hotel we hope that we’ll get that room and those amenities that were on the beautiful photos of the booking websites. But sometimes hotels can be full of surprises that only travelers who visited them can honestly describe. That’s why it’s so important to read reviews before choosing a hotel.

We at Bright Side put together a new collection of hotel surprises: absurd names, unusual window views, weird bathrooms, and many other strange things that travelers managed to capture. But let’s look at their positive sides. Where else could you take a bath on the balcony?

A gorgeous hotel room with a bathroom right in the center

If you’re afraid that your room might be robbed when you’re in the bathroom, here’s a solution:

“My wife is on a business trip and sent me this photo saying it’s a fire exit in her room. I’m relieved she’ll be ok.”

“Now I know where the entrance to Narnia is. It’s in one of these hotel rooms.”

“I opened the curtains to see the view and found this.”

This is how the world map looks in one of the hotels in China. Interesting, isn’t it?

“In a hotel in Las Vegas I didn’t have enough towels, so I told room service that I’d pay $1 for each additional towel.”

We wonder what it looks like inside.

“We asked for a window screen to keep the mosquitoes out, and we got it. Shouldn’t we be happy?”

Got any insecurities? Stay in this hotel in Hainan, China, and you’ll get rid of them.

What could be more romantic than taking a bath and enjoying the surrounding views...while somebody else enjoys the view of you.

The hotel placed a sink inside the room even though there was plenty of space in the bathroom.

A toilet for superheroes — you can’t get inside without superpowers.

Well that must’ve been quite a surprise...

“I found the most useless cabinets in the hotel.”

This room has a more interesting show than anything on TV.

“Just imagine how I brush my teeth here.”

The epitome of a mixed-message

“I asked for a room with a window and I was given one.”

They know how to fight theft in this hotel.

“Looks like I have a roommate on this trip!”

Bonus: But some hotel surprises can be rather pleasant.

In this hotel, a minibar full of cold beer was installed right in the bathroom.

Which surprises did you find on your trip? Tell and show us in the comments below.

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