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20+ Fantastic Picnic Ideas That Can Turn Your Summer Into a Paradise

Picnics are a fun summer tradition, but just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up here and there. With a little imagination and a few tips, you can turn your outdoor meal into a fun, summer feast that your family won’t forget anytime soon.

We at Bright Side love thinking outside the box when it comes to having fun in the great outdoors, so we’re sharing our favorite picnic ideas with you.

1. Never worry about dirty dishes again.

2. This way, you can have a picnic for the whole neighborhood!

3. Leftover cupcake liners can serve as cup lids to keep the bug out.

4. A “Swedish Torch” gives you a long-lasting fire just by cutting into the wood. It’s great for camping too!

5. Muffin tins are the perfect way to serve condiments.

6. This Dutch picnic bike makes transportation and clean-up a breeze!

7. “This picnic table has seating for adults, a high chair, and a kids table all in one.”

8. Use paper plates to make food containers.

9. Place a shower cap or small bowl filled with ice under bowls of food you need to keep cool.

10. This convertible basket can turn into a nifty table.

11. Salad bags take up less space than plastic containers and clean-up is a breeze!

12. If you can’t start a big fire to make s’mores, you can make a small one using a terracotta pot.

13. If you have a lot of drinks, a kiddie pool is the cooler of your dreams.

14. “Cooler corn” cooks while you travel... just pour boiling water over the corn while it sits in the cooler.

15. Nobody says you have to lie on a blanket... a picnic yurt is always cool.

16. Make your own little drink station...

17. Save old cans to make a DIY utensil caddy.

18. Fruit kebabs are an easy way to get your daily dose of fruit (and all the colors of the rainbow) in one snack.

19. A leftover pallet can be the perfect counter for your outdoor meal.

20. Get creative with your picnic quilt. If you have the time and skill, make one yourself!

21. When your table has a cooler, you can have cold drinks right at your fingertips.

22. Any leftover cable or wire spools can become a private table.

23. Ever hear of a fold-out bed? Same idea, but with a picnic table that turns into a bench...

Do you have any cool, out-of-the-box ideas for going to a picnic? Share them with us in the comments!

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