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20 Fatal Haircuts That Prove a Bald Head Is Sometimes Not That Bad

When it comes to a haircut, everything matters: hair type, personal preference, tons of pictures as examples, and a good hairdresser. But sometimes we fail to find a professional and find this out only when everything’s already done.

Bright Side feels sorry for anyone who’s come face-to-face with the real “Edward Scissorhands.” Fortunately, some of them were able to make their unusual haircut a part of their style.

“What my hair looked like, what I asked for, and how it turned out.”

A great nest for a chicken

If you thought the last Boy Scout was a bald Bruce Willis, you were mistaken. Here he is.

“This kid from my textbook...”

When expectations don’t meet reality:

It’s hard to believe he really wanted this haircut.

In case you want to use your hair instead of a... scarf?

When you’re inspired by hay:

When you tell your hairdresser you want something special:

“Cut a little bit more please.”

Wanted a broken heart, got a German pretzel instead.

This guy doesn’t have any problems with his hair. He’s perfect: just look at his eyebrows, smile, and eyelashes...

When you’re in your 30s, but you’re still a punk deep down:

This hairdresser nailed it, especially the eyebrows.

“The day I learned about the difference between barbers and ’beauty’ salons...”

— You know, I love coconuts...

— Say no more!

Any ideas what this guy likes?

“I asked the barber for a razor part. Here’s what I got.”

“The worst case of extensions I‘ve ever seen”

“He claims he went to the barber and asked him to ’do whatever he wanted’ to his hair.”

Have you ever had an awful haircut? Will you share your picture with us?

Preview photo credit carli_snyder / Reddit
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