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20+ Fierce Examples of How Reality Doesn’t Match Our Expectations

Sometimes it happens that our wishes don’t match our reality. For example, you order a coat on the internet and read lots of reviews but when you get it in the mail, it’s different than you expected. Or you pay for expensive makeup, and the result is really disappointing. In this article, we’d like to talk about situations like these.

At Bright Side, we’ve happened to be in similar situations from time to time. Sure, they are unpleasant, but if you keep your optimistic outlook, you can just laugh at them and move on.

“Restaurant’s charcuterie board as advertised vs What I got”

Just a little bit closer

“$60 ‘professional’ Halloween makeup. I asked for the photo on the left, with just a little fake blood. On the right is what the makeup artist gave me.”

“I was going for ‘boho chic,’ but the internet shop gave me ‘tacky brothel’.”

Find 10 differences.

“I ordered a birthday cake for my niece.”

They did their best.

It seems fine... Wait a minute!

“My Darth Maul birthday cake ate too much cake.”

When you’re that unlucky.

“I decided to try the new $55, 27” pizza that’s hugely advertised for being the best thing ever."

It seems that a dog groomer’s cut isn’t much different from a human stylist’s cut.

“I tried to make dried orange wheels. I feel like they turned out pretty well.”

It seems like something is missing here.

Perfect match

“I went on a hike today that promised stunning views. My pic is on the bottom.”

Definitely not my size!

“The left pic is what I asked for, the right pics are what I ended up with.”

“I saw this photo on the internet (left). I thought it would be cute to try it (right).”

“I ordered this patch from an internet shop...”

Norway is merciless to its tourists.

Bonus: Forbidden loaf of bread

Which photo did you find the most hilarious?

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