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20 Foolish Things That Caught Our Eye and Now We Can’t Figure Out If They’re Stupid or Genius


We live in a free world. Anyone can do anything. This is the true era of celebrating ideas. But sometimes creativity can go a little bit too far.

From fashion to souvenirs, from cars to supermarkets, Bright Side has made a list of things that caught our attention. Are they incredibly genius or absolutely stupid, you decide.

Is there peanut butter inside?

Thanks for the explanation.

Is that a car? No! Is that a motorcycle? No!

Nice try!

Actual beer goggles

That hair!

This doesn’t look safe.

Looks like someone wanted to be a sculptor, not a butcher.

Eat, Play, Love

A good place to hide your phone from a girlfriend

Should guests press it with their foot?

Doth Mother know you weareth her carpet?

Men and makeup

Equal rights for all types of apples!

I don’t want to put my feet in there.

Parking place holder

T. Rex, is that you?

For princesses only

Back to school?

Take my money. Give me brie!

Which one seems genius to you? Which was the dumbest one? Have you ever seen something like this? Share with us in comments below!

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