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20+ Futuristic Designs That Would Make You Think You’re Living in 4019

With new technology, design, and architecture continuously re-shaping the world, it’s hard to imagine what the future will look like. Lucky for us, we don’t have to leave too much to the imagination. Thanks to the brilliant and super-creative aesthetic of these extremely talented designers, we can actually see what the future looks like through their awesome and futuristic designs.

We at Bright Side share 20+ futuristic designs that will make you feel like you’re taking a peek right into the future.

22. Bathtub design with a special compartment allowing you to get a glimpse of nature

21. Illuminating staircase with LED panels that light up your way in the dark

20. Swerved floating desk that gently emerges from the wall

19. Satisfyingly-crafted sustainable wooden furniture

18. Change the color and brightness of your room in an instant.

17. Bringing a little more nature into your kitchen

16. Portable wireless keyboard with a swift design

15. These chairs will remind you to take the occasional sip of red wine.

14. Multi-purpose furniture that transforms easily

13. Luminous wooden reception desk that lights up the entire room

12. Mesmerizing clock design with a hypnotizing effect

11. Slide or stairs?

10. A coffee place with a mesmerizing design and vibe

9. A curved garden bench that serves a double purpose

8. Zero-gravity ecosystem which cultivates plants in mid-air

7. 3-D creative lamp with a unique design

6. Presenting the faucet from the future:

5. This is what a restroom should look like.

4. Neat table design with a curly edge

3. Built-in bicycle mount that’s a dream come true for any bike lover

2. Finding serenity couldn’t be easier.

1. Extremely useful gravity-defying dinner table

Bonus: Surprisingly practical shape-shifting shelf design

So, which of these designs made you think you’re living in the year 4019? And why?

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