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20+ Genius Kids Whose Exam Answers Are a New Form of Art. Get Your Popcorn Ready

We can all relate to the terrible feeling of not knowing an answer during an exam. Maybe you slept the night before, or maybe you did not sleep at all and were out partying. Instead of leaving the answer sheet blank, you could have let your creativity loose and been a little bit humorous. A happy examiner might have given you a few more points.

So if you were unable to pull an all-nighter to study, Bright Side has you covered. These ingenious hilarious answers to exam questions will let your imagination fly.

1. This kid is going to be OK!

2. 3 words that best describe me

3. Debatable... But still a good answer.

4. This kid gets it.

5. The teacher could not appreciate the true genius.

6. The kid outsmarted the examiner.

7. Frue...

8. Interstellar fanboys be like...

9. Pythagoras just turned over in his grave.

10. Trash talk

11. Writing words in alphabetical order

12. Apparently, even 7-year old me was a smartass.

13. My brother in 2nd grade...

14. Mother of God, it works.

15. This is why my kid is going places.

16. This kid is more interested in biology than math.

17. The answer is safe now, kid.

18. The million dollar question

19. Seems right to me.

20. My 6-year-old got the answer wrong, but I think she’s right...

21. What would you say to Abraham Lincoln?

22. My chem lab professor accepted my answer.

23. The bear ate the question.

Which of these answers made you giggle the most? Let us know in the comments below. If your kid is also equally creative and you have their treasured answer sheets, share them with us.

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