20 Grandparents Who Had an Adorable First Encounter With Modern Technology

Our grandparents taught us some of the most wonderful things in life: how to ride a bike and bake the most delicious cookies. But when it comes to technology, things don't always go smoothly. Still, some grandparents have managed to adapt to the digital world.

Bright Side wants to share with you the most hilarious and touching situations that happened with grandparents who faced modern technology. Some of them are the reason why you should always give instructions!

20. When a TV remote doesn't need all those extra buttons:

19. When a grandmother became a master electrician:

18. When even the USB flash drive gets extra energy:

17. When grandparents try to fix the internet connection:

16. When a friend's grandma asks whose phone this is:

15. When a grandma knows how to fit in:

14. When grandparents have the cutest speed dial buttons:

13. When grandparents know exactly how they want to decorate the house:

12. When Grandma just wants to have fun:

11. "My grandma called me over to fix her computer because everything moved backward."

10. When grandparents realize that texting isn't that easy:

9. When Grandma knows that a magnifying glass is all you need:

8. When texts contain only the most important information:

7. When grandparents definitely have a creative side:

6. When an iPad becomes a perfect cutting board:

5. When you know Grandma will always be here for you:

4. When Grandma takes her first selfie. With a back camera.

3. It is always nice to talk to an attentive interlocutor.

2. When Grandma is getting pretty high tech:

1. When Grandfather is always ready to share his wisdom:

Bonus: This grandmother is obviously an advanced tech user, but we couldn't help sharing this reminder with you.

Have your grandparents ever experienced difficulties with modern technology? Share with us in the comments!

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