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20 Hilarious Anti-Theft Devices You Won’t Find in a Store

According to statistics, theft is the most common crime in the US and it makes up almost 60% of all reported crimes. No wonder many people choose to take preventive measures and get the best anti-theft devices possible. Sometimes, they even make these devices themselves.

Bright Side has gathered the most hilarious anti-theft devices invented by people desperately trying to save their property. Some of them will surprise even the most sophisticated thief!

1. Would you even dare to steal this bike?

2. Security has to be visible.

3. This car isn't going anywhere!

4. There has to be extra security if there are no doors...

5. This is what you invent when you don't want your stapler "taken."

6. Some people think overprotection is just fine.

7. Don't want anyone to use you mug?

8. This is what double security looks like:

9. No thief will sit here!

10.You never know what they might be after!

11. Absolute security is relative...

12. What a safe way to park your bike!

13. A bad neighborhood or a good sense of humor?

14. "Someone just kept stealing the scissors."

15. This bike is so precious it's worth any effort!

16. This might be a solution for those who keep eating at night:

17. No thief would try to rob this woman!

18. The owner of this car decided to think outside the box...

19. Sometimes, just a warning is enough.

20. How about this bike lock?

Which of these anti-theft devices did you find the most creative? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Preview photo credit outerspace/imgur, VD/twitter
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