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20 Hilarious Christmas Trees That Will Put a Smile On Your Face

Throughout the world, people often decorate trees in celebration of Christmas and the new year. The tradition started in Germany and ever since then each country often adds their own little touch. In Mongolia, for example, New Year’s trees are decorated with money in hopes of inspiring financial success for the upcoming year. That said, some people take decorating a tree as a challenge to make people laugh.

Bright Side has collected some of the funniest Christmas trees that you just have to see for yourself!

1. This Christmas tree got Banksy-ed.

2. Say it with me now, “COOKIES!”

3. We promise he won’t melt when you hug him.

4. Some people think it should be fun in the sun on Christmas.

5. Even giant reptiles love the holidays.

6. People just start getting into the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier each year...

7. Maybe you should save that ornament for a larger tree?

8. In all fairness, the cats would have taken over the tree anyway.

9. I wonder how they got the plane to float like that?

10. Even villains like to get into the holiday spirit.

11. The marine biology students are in the Christmas spirit.

12. That’s not what I meant by Christmas tree skirt...

13. When you’re low on holiday funds but big on cleaning supplies...

14. I, for one, welcome our new cockatoo overlords.

15. Dude, you can really feel the holiday spirit this year.

16. An art major’s holiday season...I wonder if she’s tried ornament earrings?

17. When you let your 5-year-old niece take care of the Christmas decorations...

18. Let’s have a brief dedication to half-trees ... because the cats will have their revenge next year.

19. I never trusted those shelf elves...

20. Please do not feed the Grinch, people!

Bonus: We seriously could have made an entire article out of Chris Pine trees.

Do you feel the Christmas spirit already? Would you like to recreate any of these unusual designs this year? Let us know what you think and share your Christmas tree photos in the comments below!

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