20 Hilarious Fails on Live TV That Stole the Show

Millions of people watch their favorite TV shows every day. To make the show more entertaining, many channels like to stream live broadcasts, but not all of them manage to go off without a hitch.

Bright Side rounded up a selection of the funniest and most unexpected fails, bloopers, and accidents that happened during live streams of TV shows. Buckle up for a few healthy laughs!

Just keep singing!

She got carried away by the melody. Literally.

It’s going to be hot. Burning hot, guys.

Only 700? Fox once showed 1,100, and I didn’t have my sunglasses with me.

Hungarian news fail

He looks really tired. Someone give him a Snickers bar or a cup of coffee.

Who let the dog out?

Canadian weatherman Mike Sobel brings shelter dogs to the studio to get them adopted. Sobel was just doing his job, but the dog wanted to play.

FOX was streaming a live weather report.

That’s exactly what “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” means.

“I’ve got a dog here!”

Ilona Linarte was startled on camera after a black Labrador interrupted her live broadcast on channel Mir24.

Do you prefer medium rare?

When the Swedish television host Jenny Strömstedt demonstrates how to make your own cheese snacks, she accidentally starts a fire in the studio.

It’s kind of a tough math problem.

CNN: 70% of the time we get our calculations right every time.

A warning sign that your job owns you:

“I am the weather!”

No words.

This is not a proper device for checking the thickness of ice.

Me and me again.

OK, let’s have a serious conversation about this case of multiple personalities on live TV.

A science test fails on live TV in Australia.

A liquid nitrogen experiment performed by Jacob Strickling goes wrong.

Does Wesley Snipes know?

We all have hidden identities inside. I, for one, am Batman.

Breaking news, really?

Your breaking news is 102 years late.

Vintage ’70s TV news

How could he be so casual about it?

What kind of a weather forecast is that?

Weather forecasters are often criticized for getting it wrong — but not normally like this.

Being a news reporter is actually pretty hard.

He doesn’t look super lucky.

A studio camera adds 10 pounds. How many cameras were on you, honey?

This actually looks like a glitch from The Sims.

We didn’t see that coming.

Pigs are running wild, and they’ve already taken control of this news channel. Pigs rule!

What was that?!

“All hail to our new giant seagull god!”

Have you ever seen something as funny as any of these moments on TV? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

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