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20 Hilarious Fails That Can Make Your Entire Day (Attention: Lack of Pity Required)

Psychology suggests that when we laugh at somebody failing, it’s just an atypical psychological reaction to an atypical situation. However, laughter also has a wonderful effect on your health! So by all means, don’t hold back!

At Bright Side, we don’t condone any type of laughing at your peers in a cruel manner, so try to keep it down to a mild giggle — it’s not like they can hear you anyway!

Is it safe?

Not an exit

Employee of the month

A bank in Scalloway on the Shetland Islands

It’s all about accruacy.

“That was the last thing I expected to see in a bathroom stall.”

Have you ever seen a “curvy” though?

I believe we’ve reached an impasse.

He’s literally right next to the leg press machine...

Mega jug to the rescue!

Safety first...

This man driving with sun shades on the freeway

This is a thing, apparently.

It’s happening now! Should we go tell them?

Almost there...

It’s “you’re”.

Piece out, man.

One way to get fired

The “after” version of this chimney took a lot of effort.

“Spent 10 minutes looking for my ham sandwich.”

Which one of these fails made your eyes pop out a little? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below the article!

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