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20+ Hilarious Photos of People Visiting Giants’ Country

There are theories suggesting that once upon a time, Earth was inhabited by giants. These photos show people who accidentally found themselves in their world on an otherwise usual day.

Bright Side has collected 29 hilarious pictures that accurately illustrate Gulliver's Travels.

1. Goldilocks and The Three Bears in modern times.

2. The power lines next to this fork look like spaghetti.

3. We want to see the Christmas tree these fit on!

4. This cabbage could feed a family of 10 for a week.

5. When it comes to pizza, more is always better!

6. Can't you hear this baby whispering, "My precious"?

7. Oops! Someone forgot their clothespin.

8. The fairytales were right! Giants do live in the clouds.

9. Just the right serving for a man... or no?

10. We bet the BFG could eat ten of these!

11. Just what we needed on Friday night!

12. We're not sure we want to see the monster truck these are meant to go on.

13. A human's TV screen is a giant's tablet.

14. "Wait, wait! We wanna go home!"

15. The swords of gods.

16. A couple of these leaves would make great clothes.

17. No woman would refuse this chest of drawers full of clothes!

18. When your vegetable garden gives you presents.

19. A huge book full of kitties can make anyone smile.

20. We hope they didn't catch this toy's owner bathing!

21. Remember your childhood dreams of having a treehouse? This tree can make it a reality.

22. A game with this thing would feel like an earthquake.

23. We knew heaven existed!

24. At least you always know what you have.

25. Giant sequoias don't belong in our world.

26. Giants also have wars.

27. Imagine if you saw a flower of the same size!

28. "Oh my gosh! A perfect cart for beer!"

29. "...and since then she's been asking for a horse."

Which pic did you like the most? Do you believe giants exist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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