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20+ Hilarious Supermarket Finds That Made Every Customer’s Day

According to the Time Use Institute, an average trip to the grocery store takes 41 minutes. This adds up to be about 53 hours per year. During our shopping experience we're not only there to buy food, but sometimes we notice very funny and even weird things.

Bright Side gives you a whole set of epic and hilarious examples of situations in supermarkets where something went wrong.

1. Could you please tell me what breed this is?

2. You don't say...

3. I'm getting hungry...

4. Do we eat it or play with it?

5. There is more of this product out of the package than in the package.

6. Clearly they're concerned about the environment.

7. I think I'll need help after this...

8. Is this a Minion party?

9. I have never been good at math, but this is highly suspicious.

10. Is this a new kind?

11. So what exactly am I buying?

12. When life hands you lemons, you make...

13. I will take note for my future in motherhood.

14. Seems that the bear is more loved at this store.

15. If you ever had any doubts...

16. To be or not to be?

17. Is this a new kind of juice?

18. My life is one big lie.

19. Homer Simpson would be surprised.

20. That's why they're mini.

21. Ah, there is it.

Have you ever seen any epic fails like this while shopping? Let us know in the comments!

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