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20 Hilarious Times Expectation Ate Reality for Breakfast

The Reddit hashtag, #AnAttemptWasMade features a hilarious collection of photos that we hand-picked just for you.

Bright Side loves funny photo compilations, couldn't you tell? Join us as we look through this hilarious list. Just wait 'til you get to the bear...

Dog? Cat? Who cares when the pet is missing?

"My friend thought it was rotting internal organs. I still ate it."

Feeling comfortable yet?

"The acronym that kids follow at a school I work at."

These mouse cookies...

A quick fix

"I thought we had a vase!"

So close, yet so far...

"Let’s just use the first frame we can find."

"We tried to make a snow-bear-gorilla."

This paint job is on point.

"A" for effort!

Someone tried to make a stuffed bear.

Almost eco-friendly...

"My computer cable management."

How to make a soccer ball:

A good ad is gold.

Eh, good enough.

Grammar is important!

"A friend of a friend posted this a while ago."

We made an attempt to make you smile, did it work? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section, we'd love to hear from you!

Preview photo credit tea__fan/reddit
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