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20 Hilarious Times Sanity Took a Day Off

There are situations that prove that humans are some of the weirdest creatures in this world. Sometimes, the things that we do are just incredibly strange – like using maxi pads as slippers or fixing a car with duct tape. All you want to do when seeing things like these is to shout "What?!"

Bright Side has collected a list of some really weird things. Get ready to laugh!

1. I totally wish this worked!

2. Who are you, man?!

3. I wonder how he even got into this kind of trouble...

4. It's Florida, baby.

5. "What time is it, mate?" "It's dinner time!"

6. This is what we call discipline:

7. Wake up, lazybones! Even sloths like studying!

8. Is it a Coca-Cola fan party?

9. Now you know police cars can levitate.

10. Who dared to break the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy?!

11. Somebody, please, buy this guy a new pair of slippers...

12. Well, I guess it's the wrong size. What about trying a bigger laptop?

13. No one will steal these...because they'll be laughing like crazy!

14. Ah, you little genius!

15. His skills are simply amazing!

16. The only way to leave work:

17. So what should I use it for? Cake?

18. Well, I wouldn't be so sure...

19. How risky!

20. "I hope Dad won't notice!"

Which photo seemed the craziest to you? Do you have any of your own hilarious examples of weirdness? Share your photos with us in the comments!

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