20 Hilariously Unfortunate Names

Some people believe there’s a connection between our personalities and our names. Some people are really proud of their names, but others change them. However, is an unusual name a reason to follow the crowd?

Bright Side wants to share with you 20 proofs that "different" names are a reason to smile and feel special. Why do you think all these people here look happy? Because they’ve got extraordinary names, and they’re proud of it!

20. Sometimes people seem to find a job that suits them perfectly. What a lovely combination of a name and an occupation!

19. Some people believe that we are what we eat. What about you?

18. The author won a prize for the oddest book title in 2012. You don't need to check your ingredients!

17. Here we see that a person was obviously left without their nameplate as someone liked it so much.

16. "In 11th grade, I secretly changed my name on photo day. Nobody noticed, so it got printed on my student card."

15. If there was only one "N," he wouldn't be the legend he is now.

14. A couple seems to have created a union and invites us to join the dark side...because they've got cookies.

13. Have you ever heard a rich and informative name that sounds all the better for its unusualness?

12. This mayor made us look at least twice. Did you read it right the first time?

11. If we were him, we would never feel nervous about getting acquainted with new people because it would always come with a smile.

10. With this name, you wouldn't even need to get wound up by anything. You would've already won.

9. This commodore might have hung his photo above his nameplate to show he's lucky to have such a rare name.

8. Having a double-barreled last name for this marriage should be compulsory.

7. A great example of unique names bringing people together!

6. Would you take your children to Mr. Perv's class? Before you answer, look at those children's smiling faces.

5. A leading figure in the sporting world proves that an unusual name can't prevent you from leading a successful life.

4. That moment when someone pronounces your name quickly, and suddenly everything falls into place...

3. It wouldn't be funny and cool at the same time if they weren't together.

2. This man can probably light up the darkest sides.

1. "I'm so glad my girlfriend's name is just Emily."

All these people show that happiness comes from our minds and hearts. We shared these photos with you because we want you to get the energy and positivity from them and feel special. Be proud of your origin because there's no one like you on Earth! Share this article with your friends, and let the world know about it.

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