20 Hotel Facts That Will Change Your Opinion About Them

When we stay at a hotel, the staff always tries to do everything necessary to make us feel as comfortable as possible. However, they don't always succeed.

Bright Side decided to tell you some facts that hotel staff often tries to hide from their clients.

  • Keep in mind that the tablecloths in hotel rooms are never changed.
  • The glasses for beverages are not always washed. The same goes for the toothbrush holders in bathrooms.
  • TV remotes are the dirtiest things in the world.
  • Carpets are vacuumed, but they are rarely disinfected. The best-case scenario is if they do it once a year. That's why you should never walk on the carpets barefoot.
  • When checking into a hotel, ask what other services are included in the price. It can be visiting the pool, the gym, using a minibar, or internet in the room. The manager might forget to tell you about this, so you'd better ask these questions yourself.
  • You should remember that in some hotels (usually the cheaper ones), the bedsheets are rarely changed.

  • Few people know that there are special beach towels that hotels should provide, so there is no need to take the towels from the room. You can usually get them at reception.
  • In order to have your bathroom towels changed, drop them on the floor.
  • In some countries, there is no 13th floor in some hotels (the UK, the USA). This is because of superstitions. In Asian countries, there is no 4th floor because the pronunciation of the hieroglyph that means "4" sounds very much like the word "death."
  • The staff is extra careful and polite with people who booked a room online because such people often rate the service.
  • In hotel descriptions, the distance to the beach or other attractive places is often not true. That's why they often write the time and not the distance. For example, 10 minutes to the sea is actually not that close.
  • In some countries, you will have to pay a tourist tax, which is either already included in the hotel price or paid after arrival. In Venice, if you stay at a 5-star hotel, you will have to pay 5 euros per person per day.

Tourist tax in Venice is about 5 euros per day.

  • If breakfast is included in the price of the room, and you are leaving early in the morning for an excursion, you can ask the staff to prepare lunch boxes for you. You should take care of this beforehand, usually the evening before the tour.
  • In many hotel restaurants, the leftovers are not thrown away after cooking. They are used as ingredients for other meals. For example, fish leftovers can be used to cook a soup of the day.
  • In a bar, it's safer to order drinks without ice. The quality of water used to make ice can be very poor.
  • Few people know what you can take from a hotel room and what is considered stealing. You can take bathroom supplies (shampoo, conditioner, body cream, soap), single-use slippers, pens, and notebooks with the logo. Other things are the property of the hotel. If you really like a robe or a towel, there are special shops where you can buy them.
  • Dry-cleaning services are not very good quality, and the prices are too high. If you look for a dry cleaner somewhere in the neighborhood, you can have your clothes washed 2-3 times cheaper.
  • The price of the same room can vary in different sources. Before you book a room, call the hotel directly to find out if they have any special offers, maybe something like a weekend tariff. You can save up to 20% of the cost!
  • Some foods in the minibar can be there for months. That's why you should check the expiration date.
  • If you need a quiet rest and good sleep, learn more about the hotel. There might be a nightclub there that won't let you sleep.
  • In 4- and 5-star hotels, there have to be bellmen to help you with your luggage.


Well, even things like this sometimes happen. In a hotel in the Algarve, a staff member found a shark that was left in a hotel room. No one knows how it got there, but we do know that the shark was later returned to its natural habitat.

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