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20 ID Photos Where Something Went Hilariously Wrong

People are rarely satisfied with their ID photos because they don't usually get to express their creative side. Still, some have managed to break the rules and find inspiration even in such a mundane task.

We at Bright Side want to share with you a list of 20 of the most ingenious and creative ID photos. Some of them are the result of pure luck!

20. When there's a huge difference between having your photo taken on Friday or Monday:

19. When you're actually terrified of the upcoming exams:

18. When you know you're a better photographer for sure:

17. When you want your tuition money to always be there for you:

16. When you want to remember those blissful kindergarten days:

15. When university influenced you more than you thought:

14. When you can't leave your beloved one even for a second:

13. When you're really into politics:

12. When you allow no one to limit your fashion choices:

11. When you certainly know who you are:

10. When you're a superhero:

9. When you have a perfect "What's up" pose:

8. When you managed to pull a hilarious face for your driver's license photo:

7. When you're hungry for knowledge:

6. When you're always in a playful mood:

5. When your inner princess wants to be set free:

4. When you know exactly which hairstyle you want:

3. When a fly lands on your face while the photo is being taken:

2. When you have a senior alter ego:

1. When you can't stop cosplaying...even for one picture:

Do you like your ID photo? Or maybe you find it funny! Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Sarah_Lynch_04/twitter
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