20 Illustrative Comparisons That Will Make Anyone Reconsider Their Wishes

There are things that are so overhyped everyone wants to have them. New models of smartphones, brand handbags, hoverboards, drones — these and many other things are interesting to many people. And there are lines of people who want to get them.

Bright Side compared the most popular modern items with products and services that are much more ordinary. You will be surprised by the number of things you can buy instead of a popular gadget or brand product!

An iPhone X vs an alpaca

An iPhone X vs 2,393 KFC chicken wings

An Apple Watch vs 2 km of bubble wrap

A MacBook Air vs a pony

A Tesla S vs your own island

A 3D printer vs a big cotton candy machine

A hoverboard vs 300 kg macaroni

Google Glasses vs 880 movie tickets

A PlayStation VR vs a corgi puppy

A GoPro camera vs a popcorn machine

Louboutin shoes vs a 20-gram gold bar

A Gucci bag vs 15 days in Disneyland

A Samsung S8+ vs 9 months of cleaning

A Moleskine journal vs 100 Chupa Chups

A Segway vs 800 Kinder Surprises

A Daniel Wellington watch vs 203 tubes of toothpaste

A bottle of Chanel No. 5 vs an ostrich

A drone vs 111 pairs of socks

A night in a luxury room in a Hilton hotel vs 4 flights to Paris

An Хbox vs 96 Starbucks lattes

Which comparison surprised you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit pixabay.com, Wikipedia
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