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20 Impossible Coincidences That Actually Happened

Do you think it's possible to win the lottery 2 times in a row or get a model airplane that looks exactly like a real one and has the same tail number? You might say it's not possible, but people from this article got surprised with the most unbelievable coincidences.

Bright Side gathered 20 photos that prove that there's always a chance for impossible coincidences.

1. 3 cars of the same color are parked in front of a matching building.

2. "At a friend’s wedding, a woman copied my toddler’s outfit."

3. 3 people coincidentally bought the same card without knowing it.

4. "My girlfriend and her sister coincidentally got their mother the same flower arrangement for her birthday. Even the vases match."

5. "My eyebrows perfectly complete the hat's picture."

6. "In just a year I won the same lottery for the second time."

7. "My brother bought me a model airplane that has the same tail number as the real one."

8. "My socks blend in perfectly with my girlfriend's carpet."

9. "I walked the same exact number of steps this week, as I did last week."

10. An ad accidentally covered a paused YouTube image at the perfect time.

11. These 2 men sitting beside each other are watching the same show.

12. "Found one glove in a parking lot and threw it in my trunk. Found the mate in another parking lot about a year later."

13. "My car and garbage can have the same wheels."

14. "My latte is the same color as my cup."

15. "My coworker and I brought the exact same breakfast to work in the same style Tupperware and we both brought 3 eggs in a cut off egg container."

16. "My snowman melted, but his face still looks the same."

17. "My new frying pan is a perfect match for my countertop."

18. The chandeliers in the beauty salon are on the same level as the model's eyes.

19. "I got one candy without a bag, 2 candies jammed in one bag, and one regular candy."

20. 4 similar cars are parked in front of a supermarket.

Have you ever seen any unbelievable coincidences? Share your photos with us in the comments.

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