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20+ Incidents That Defy All Odds

Some life situations can challenge any statistic — and that’s what this article is about.

Bright Side wants you to know that hope and positive attitude are our best companions in any situation. To prove that, try to find out what the odds of the situations below are. We have prepared a small surprise at the end of the article, so make sure to read it all the way through!

1. Our city deserves a new hero.

2. "I have no boundaries if I see a stick."

3. The sky loves you!

4. This oval frames their hair exactly.

5. How would you feel crashing a car next to these 2 signs?

6. These flowerpots fit perfectly on the tiles.

7. Do you also see Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia here?

8. Have you ever found a better way to transport 480 bottles?

9. "So the question is, if the rock fits perfectly in my shoe or if the shoe fits perfectly over the rock..."

10. This spider web looks like a Spider-Man mask.

11. "These are 2 separate photos of my parents."

12. "The continuity of the arches and their reflections amaze me."

13. "Brother?!"

14. "My son spilled milk on the floor and it fit perfectly onto my tile."

15. "So long and thanks for all the fish!"

16. This tree looks like it's seen this several times already.

17. How is it still working?

18. That’s (un)real!

19. "My friend just sent me a picture of his tattoo. He got a pimple and now it looks like a sunset."

20. You complete me.

21. Hi yourself.

Bonus: "It doesn't matter what the odds are, all I can see is a huskie's head in the water."

Has anything with unlikely odds ever happened to you? Were you happy or did it make your life harder? Tell us your stories below!

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