21 “Wow” Inventions Plucked Right Out of the Year 2050

Not only do inventions make our lives more comfortable, but they also simplify things. Some of them are so universal that they can change the world into a better place, while others were simply made for solving small household inconveniences like a hammer with automatic nails, for example.

Bright Side is about to share the best modern ideas with you that most of us are lacking in life.

A 4-wheel electric bike that was designed to allow people to ride around in any weather

Special “shoes” for horses that replace steel horseshoes and cushions, protecting the joints of the animal. And on top of that, it can be quickly removed.

You can charge this battery with a micro USB connector.

A hammer with automatic nails

Scientists learned to make plastic that can decompose under environmental conditions for a period of 1 to 3 years.

New Chinese technology that features a 4-story building built in one night

A detector that helps find hidden cameras

The new design of a melded fork and spoon

A ball of honey that can be placed right into a cup of tea

A new type of display has been presented in Hong Kong.

A university library has a treadmill with a computer on it allowing students to train and study at the same time.

“Our local high school has a solar panel table with USB ports for students to charge their devices.”

The perfect shoes for female drivers

A shower with a hole in the door that lets you regulate temperature without wetting your hands

The new electric “socket of the future” without a plug

Elderly pedestrians in Singapore can use their licenses to get more time to cross a road.

This McDonald’s has a smaller counter upstairs and they use a conveyer belt to ship food.

Extinguisher grenades

“A room at my school uses a vertical hidden projector and a mirror to project presentations.”

A prosthetic leg made for an elephant that stepped on a landmine

A Dutch garbage disposal system

Which of these ideas seemed ingenious and useful to you? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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