20 Ingeniously Weird Gadgets Only the Japanese Could Have Invented

The Japanese just can’t seem to stop churning out innovative ideas that are all aimed at bringing some extra joy to the simplest moments of our everyday lives.

We at Bright Side are excited to share with you a lineup of intriguing creations from the imaginative minds of Japan that make the rest of the world wish they came up with them first.

Diet half-bowl

Gives you the illusion that you eat twice as much as you actually do, helping you stick to your diet.

Cupman lid holder

A little temperature-sensitive figure that lets you know when your noodles are ready.

Bubble wrap keychain

Enjoy a never-ending bubble popping experience with added sound effects.

Napkin pants

Wipe your hands on the back of your pants.

Beauty lift high nose

This apparatus will help you shape your nose to your liking by channeling vibrations into your nasal bones.

Air-conditioned shoes

Keep your feet cool on hot summer days.

Butter stick

Butter your toast with a few slick moves when there is no knife at hand.

Subway sleeper hat

Allows you to fall asleep during long rides without falling to the floor and lets fellow passengers know when to wake you up so you never miss your stop.

Chopper hand

Chop food all you want and never cut a finger.

Sound-catcher pillow

Watch your favorite TV shows, resting your head comfortably all the while.

Umbrella tie

Saves you from getting soaked by unexpected showers.

Ever-ready tissue dispenser

Allergy headset kit available all day to help you out with sneeze attacks.

Thumb extension

Extend the length of your thumb to easily handle smartphones with large screens.

One-click ctrl+alt+del tool

Hit the three-key combo in one quick move.

Chopstick fan

No more burning your lips with scalding food.

Roll-up shoes

A flexible pair of shoes that wraps around your feet without you having to tie anything.

Portable commuter seat

You will never have to worry about finding a seat on a crowded bus or subway anymore.

Multifunctional gloves

A pair of rubber gloves you can do almost anything with.

Back scratch T-shirt

Show your friends exactly where you itch.

Husband-hunting bra

Upon finding the one, the wearer can stop the countdown clock installed in this specialty bra by feeding it an engagement ring.

Preview photo credit amazon, Reuters
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