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20 Insane Pics That Can Make Anyone Quit the Internet

We all like scanning the internet, looking at random pictures and videos. But sometimes you just bump into something so freaky or gross that you really wish you could unsee it or even uninvent the whole internet.

We at Bright Side found a few of those pictures that have scared some of us forever. Can you handle them better than us? Let’s check it out. Good luck.

1. Ah, beautiful Australia...

2. I heard that each truck could only fit one truck. So I put a truck on another truck to fit more trucks.

3. Slight overreaction

4. This thing came straight from my worst nightmare.

5. Riding down from Nope town.

6. My head starts spinning just from looking at it.

7. Never NEVER go into your neighbor’s basement.

8. Let’s hope nothing catches fire near this area.

9. An actual bladder stone.

10. That’s quite a hiking trail.

11. I think I should just burn it.

12. Nope, it’s not snow. It’s Australia.

13. Nope, it’s not a pattern...

14. Worst game of hide and seek ever

15. African version of Kermit

16. I hope they realize that there are no extra lives in this game.

17. Caterpillars attack.

18. Jaws nope

19. I think I can hold it.

20. OK, I’ve changed my mind

Are you feeling OK? Have you seen something so disturbing that you can’t forget it now? Well, it’s the perfect time to share your story with all of us.

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, AliAlaa12 / imgur
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