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20+ Internet Users That Have Changed So Drastically, They Look Like Completely Different People

Many people know exactly what they need to be more self-confident. And year after year, more and more people decide to make a change: they start going to the gym, find their perfect style, gain or lose weight, and share their progress with others.

We at Bright Side are sincerely inspired by people who’ve achieved their goals and we hope that their examples will help our readers finally decide to make the change they’ve always wanted.

1. She lost 124 lbs.

2. And this girl lost 136 lbs.

3. 7 years can make a crazy difference.

4. “15-19 thank you, marine corps...”

5. “What have I achieved in 3 years? I lost 80 lbs.”

6. 11 months of SPF 50

7. “I really love this change.”

8. “Same chair, 3 years later. Lost 317 lbs and I hope to have the surgery to remove the extra skin.”

9. “From 18 to 20, I decided to hit the gym to get a better-looking body, looks like I decided to do it around the time my face was changing too!”

10. “I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been — but also the happiest. I’m so proud.”

11. “I was told that this might be appreciated here. The first picture is me in my duct tape dress at 16. The second picture is me now, at 21, after losing 100 pounds, cutting off my frizzy hair, and actually putting effort into my appearance.”

12. “l always thought my face shape was round.”

13. One year of gaining weight

14. “From 12 to 24. Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days, it’s nice.”

15. These are his old shorts.

16. “From bootleg Hanson brother (10) to a slightly less awkward adult (30). Thanks, orthodontics, hair dye, and not letting my mother style me! Yes, I was always a girl. Mom just didn’t get the memo.”

17. “I lost half of myself!”

18. “Despite my nose still being a formidable force that ruins most selfies, I consider this a nice glow-up!”

19. “Lost 33 lbs in 3 months. 3 months! I couldn’t see the difference at all until my husband showed me this photo from July! About 40lbs to go.”

20. “23 vs 27 — this is what fixing your depression can do for you.”

21. “Can’t believe that girl even agreed to look at me.”

Have you ever changed this much? Do you have your own life hacks that have to do with caring about your body?

Preview photo credit kate_irl / Reddit