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20+ Inventions That Seem Useless, but That We Secretly Wish We Had

Unnecessary Inventions is an Instagram account that publishes products that are not-that-essential and created by Matt Benedetto. He says they solve problems that don’t really exist. However, we are not so sure about that. It seems like a couple of these things would definitely fit into a variety of situations.

Bright Side made a selection of some of this man’s inventions, which we could certainly use at some point.

1. Because there is never enough food!

2. This makes it easier to apply deodorant.

3. Stepping on LEGO will no longer be painful.

4. For when you get tired of holding a book

5. “The Zuckermat! Facebook for the bathroom”

6. Perfect for relieving stress... faster.

7. For Crocs’ loyal customers: Crocs gloves.

8. Kill 2 birds with one stone...

9. If there are endless photos on your Instagram account, this device can make your life “easier.”

10. Now you can cry without getting your clothes wet from your tears.

11. Why cut just one nail at a time, when you can cut 4 at the same time? The only problem would be how to cut the fifth one...

12. For bread lovers

13. This invention is perfect if you’re one of those people who cries all the time.

14. Your socks deserve their own closet too.

15. For rainy or sunny days

16. If feeling the grass is your thing, this invention is for you.

17. For fans of both The Avengers and chicken nuggets

18. Ideal if you’re one of those people whose embarrassed to be seen eating.

19. If you can’t tolerate the smell of certain foods, this is the perfect invention for you.

20. So that you are aware of what is going on behind your back.

21. This would be perfect for all those people who don’t understand that much about mechanics. There are 5 options so you can see which one works best.

Which of these inventions would you use? Can you think of a new one? Tell us in the comments!