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20+ Inventive Drivers Who Surprised Us With Their Actions

How do you earn money while sitting in a traffic jam? Do you know what car to buy in order not to pay for parking? Drivers from our compilation know the answers to all these and many other non-trivial questions and are gladly sharing them. However, sometimes their savvy ways can play tricks on them.

Bright Side discovered many examples of how drivers find unusual solutions to road problems — although, sometimes those solutions lead to even bigger troubles. Be sure not to miss the bonus feature at the end of the article — it will prove to you that honesty and kindness are always around us.

1. When a big traffic jam appeared on the road due to a car accident, this fast food truck started to sell tacos.

2. The trick didn’t work.

3. Lambo drivers don’t need to pay for parking.

4. When you wanted a Porsche but only had enough money to buy an Asian fake:

5. It seems that using a screwdriver would be more beneficial.

6. Choose your passengers wisely and road inspection won’t bother you at all.

7. The master of budget-saving repair

8. I would give him the way just in case.

9. And let the whole world wait!

10. “Are the security requirements the same for everyone? Okay, deal!”

11. When you can’t decide if you want to scare or help people:

12. When you’ve mastered compacting many things on the top of your vehicle:

13. — “Are you going to ride on the right or the left side of the road?”


— “Well, hmm...I haven’t decided yet.”

14. How to fix dents and scratches on your car:

15. He wanted to own a sports car but a pickup is more vital in the countryside.

16. A master class on how to not attract any attention

17. A reminder about your youth

18. Technically, they’re doing nothing wrong.

19. This driver ran over 3 cones and didn’t stop when everyone was yelling, “STOP!”

20. A tip for teachers on how to look cool for their students

21. The right way to use rarely-pressed buttons

22. The style of this cutie has been thought through very carefully.

Bonus: a story full of kindness and honesty

When Kato Change, a native of Kenya, came to El Salvador for a visit, he never could have expected what present this country had prepared for him. He lost his phone inside the taxi on the first day of his trip. When the taxi driver found the phone, he decided to do his best to find the owner. Since the phone was in English, which the taxi driver didn’t understand, he had to ask his son for help to get in touch with Kato’s friends. The boy managed to get into Kato’s WhatsApp account and send messages to people in his contact list. Eventually, the lucky owner of the phone got his possession back and thanked the Brazilian people for their honesty saying that he had only excellent impressions left from his trip.

Have you ever seen something unusual on the road? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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