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20 Inventive Kids Who Should Work at NASA

Never underestimate children. Many things we still use today were actually invented by children, like braille, snowmobiles, earmuffs, and even popsicles. Even now, plenty of kids develop their own little life hacks that show they might be taking on the world sometime soon.

We at Bright Side are shining a light on a lot of the smart kids around the globe who might just rule the world someday soon.

1. This way, he’ll always have a seat...

2. “My son tells me he made a home theater...”

3. Now, you don’t have to put that good book down during bath time.

4. “A kid on the plane used a pop socket to hold his phone on the seat in front of him.”

5. What else do you think she’s hiding in all that hair?

6. Forget NASA, this girl can go work for the CIA.

7. This girl is going places, without even leaving her couch.

8. This little monkey is combining brains and brawn.

9. One kid took being told to mow the lawn as a challenge.

10. Look closely to see “Root” in-between “Cold” and “Beer.”

11. Any party can be a pool party, even in an apartment complex.

12. Bananas... they’re not just for eating, anymore.

13. “This kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast is now my personal hero.”

14. “Use different color ink for when you’re allowed to use one-sided cheat sheets.”

15. Even in class, nobody thinks to look behind the bookcase.

16. He’ll emerge from this cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

17. To be fair, nobody wants to touch those poles... and it’s more fun than wearing gloves.

18. “I’ll never forget the time that my mom installed this lock on one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid...”

19. When you run out of staples, you get creative.

20. “My kid just plugged the keyboard into the tv... and it worked.”

Bonus: With this trick, anytime can be naptime.

Do you know any other clever or inventive kids? Please share with us in the comments!

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