19 Japanese Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind Away

It’s widely known that Japan is home to everything innovative and progressive. The most unusual and shocking things have been invented there.

We at Bright Side have put together a list of Japan’s weirdest inventions. Let us know in the comments which one you find the most fascinating. Also, the article itself is tricky this time...can you find one thing that is missing?

19. Eyedrop glasses

A lot of us have problems putting a medication directly into our eyes without spilling it. As a consequence, we end up wasting money (and, let’s be honest, nerves). However, from now on this problem is officially solved. Japanese eyedrop glasses will do all the work for you!

18. Canned food bar

This restaurant serves a great variety of food. However, there is one major peculiarity: all food (and liquor!) is canned.

17. Muscle shirt

There is no need to take steroids or be in the gym 24/7 to look fit and muscular. Thanks to this shirt, you will look like a bodybuilder in no time!

16. Jeans with a cat tail

If you enjoy your cat following you around at all times, you will definitely appreciate these jeans. Just put them on, and your pet will always want to play with you.

15. Remote control mop

After the robot vacuum cleaners became extremely popular all around the world, the Japanese invented the remote control mop. It allows you to clean the house without really doing anything.

14. Animal stool with a tail

If you’re allergic to animals and natural fur in general, don’t worry. These unique stools will keep you company.

13. Bath pillow and smartphone holder

This pillow allows you to get comfortable and be on your phone at the same time.

12. Cucumber-shaping tool

If you’re bored eating usual cucumbers, you can choose a shape you prefer (such as a star or heart) and plant them in your own garden.

11. Head support

Head support in the shape of an arm can be used to avoid neck pain. It also prevents your head from falling down in case you accidentally fall asleep.

10. Waterproof book cover

If you’re a book lover, you definitely know the struggle of reading in the bathtub and getting your book wet (or, even worse, drowning it). Don’t worry! Now you can successfully protect your favorite book with a special cover. Problem solved!

9. Nose straightener

If you are looking for a way to reshape your nose without plastic surgery, give this one a try. Manufacturers claim that wearing this device for a few minutes every day will help you to achieve great results.

8. Face trainer

What looks like a torture device is, in reality, made to train your facial muscles.

7. Isopod plush doll

If you’re fed up with trivial stuffed animals, then this realistic isopod will become your new best friend (and it is also a great gift). Cuteness overload!

6. Scream jar

For anyone with occasional temper tantrums and thin apartment walls, the scream jar is the perfect device to release your stress. It silences even the loudest screams.

5. Cat whiskers case

If, for whatever reason, you’re a passionate collector of your pet’s fallen-out whiskers, this one is for you.

4. Cat face mask

Not only does this mask look cool for Halloween but it also has an additional beauty function.

3. Fake food headband

Now you can take your favorite food anywhere. It brings a love of fried bacon and eggs to a whole new level!

2. Toe stretcher

It may look weird, but this actually helps to relieve foot stress and improve blood circulation.

1. Silver hair dye wax

Many people dye their hair to avoid grayness, and using a silver hair wax will make you stand out. Moreover, it’s quick and easy to use and, unlike coloring, doesn’t damage your hair!

Bonus point: shoes that transform into a tent

This is not a Japanese invention, but it definitely deserves a place on our list of weird things.

Did you manage to guess what was missing in the article?

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the article lacks a number 4. This is not a mistake: in Japan, this number is considered to be unlucky.

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