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20 Jaw-Dropping Photos That Prove the World Is Always Full of Wonders

Have you ever seen a glowing ice cage, a giant jar filled with 15th century coins, or a 10-dollar bill that is almost 100 years old? If not, you will be able to see all these and many more amazing things in our compilation. It will prove to you, once again, that there are many surprising things on our planet.

Bright Side collected amazing photos for you to prove once again that the world keeps impressing us over and over. Our bonus at the end will show that digital architecture can be as impressive as the real thing.

1. Ice cave in Iceland during sunset

2. Ceramic jar containing thousands of bronze coins recently unearthed at the residence of a 15th century samurai

3. Future octopi

4. The statue representing women’s safety and honor in Kerala, India

5. Thirst for life

6. A flower cat

7. The tree that never gave up

8. Sunset in Tyumen

9. Daisy path

10. Croatia’s main square after the win against England in the World Cup

11. The magic of a thunderstorm

12. A $10 bill from 1929

13. 2 halves

14. This cat snuck into the Leonardo da Vinci museum and fell asleep in one of the chambers.

15. Definitely not the best place for metamorphosis.

16. Just a strawberry professing its love...

17. This freezing lake in Nebraska looks like an eye.

18. The forecast called for light showers today...

19. A path full of apples

20. A bird from another dimension

Bonus: A digital fountain created by American artist Chad Knight

Which of these photos impressed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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