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20 Kids Who Are So Hilarious, They Deserve Their Own Sitcom

In the U.S., the number of adults who have never been married has reached historic heights and the birth rate isn’t what it used to be. Even so, this list could make anyone fall in love with children.

Here at Bright Side, we can see creativity being developed from afar — and boy, did we find some in these pictures of young savages!

“I’d say there’s something in him.”

She’s a savage, this one.

“Pie-der-man” is the brilliant creation of my little nephew.

I wanted my brother and cousins to stop getting on my nerves and saw this few minutes later.

“Does Frankie know his mama or what?”

Well... she’s got a point.

Now when your 6-year-old repeatedly asks you if you gotta go to the bathroom, you’ll know why.

Showing up to dinner dressed as a human blanket

My boyfriend promised my little cousin he’d get him a turtle from NYC (he works there). So I got this picture not long after, with the caption: “I’ve been patiently waiting for the turtle.”

Jaidyn knows exactly what she’ll be wanted for...

My niece found a new way for my dog to make us laugh. She plays dress-up with its butt.

My older child just built a trophy for my 2-year-old in honor of successfully potty training!

Couldn’t wait for my kids to congratulate me on my 40th birthday...

Toddlers and kisses just don’t mix.

I find this photobomb a masterpiece. If you can’t tell — he’s dressed as Flash.

The face you make during your older brothers driving lessons:

If you’ve never shopped with kids, you’re missing out.

There are some smart kids in this hospital.

He’s just leaving a little surprise for the other customers.

My sister lets her kids make up inspirational quotes for the day. My niece came up with this gem.

He’s his own valentine, apparently.

A little charger hoarder

Did any of these kids make you break into laughter? Be sure to share it with us in the comment section below!

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