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20+ Life-Changing Times When Service Was Shifted to a Whole New Level

Today’s customers’ hearts are conquered not only by high-quality products, but also by perfect service. All because after getting this service, people will keep coming back again and again. A good example of this approach is a kids dentist, who installed video games in his waiting room so that his tiny patients wouldn’t feel bored while waiting for their appointments. While we’re ready to go to the store that has installed a winter simulator with real frost and wind for testing winter clothing.

We at Bright Side really appreciate the creative approach of companies who are in pursuit of attracting customers. And here are 20+ examples that you might like too. Don’t miss our interesting bonus at the end of the article.

1. This store has a fake rock so you can test out hiking shoes before buying them.

2. This clothing store has a Sub-Zero “Winter Simulator” that allows you to test the clothes you’re buying in sub-zero temps and high winds.

3. This hotel wants you to take the nice soap home!

4. “The parking lot where I left my car has a free breathalyzer so you can check your alcohol level before driving.”

5. “My empanadas have the filling stamped on to them.”

6. “This is the waiting room at my niece’s dentist.”

7. The Philadelphia airport has a fake fire hydrant for service dogs and traveling pets to urinate on.

8. This visual definition of specialty coffee options can help anyone figure out what various coffee types are all about.

9. This restaurant has basil plants at every table so you can cut fresh basil for your soup.

10. “My hotel has an emergency polka button.”

11. “My local cinema puts chips in a popcorn box so you won’t annoy the other movie watchers with the bag crinkling.”

12. This stairway shows you how many calories (to the third decimal place) you burn climbing each step.

13. “My local supermarket now has a googly-eyed robot whose sole purpose is to patrol the aisles looking for spills. Its name is Marty.”

14. “After work, my uncle, who lives in Turkey, found his car like this. They were painting lines on the ground, couldn’t find him to move his car, and covered his car in plastic to protect it from the color spray.”

15. This airport has a suite for lactation.

16. Hamburg authorities have installed mini libraries on some buses so that passengers won’t feel bored on their trip.

17. South Korea also has launched trains with mini libraries.

18. Carts in this supermarket have a map showing the location of certain products.

19. “This is the orange juice machine at my university that squeezes the juice out of the oranges right in front of you!”

20. “The FedEx driver wrapped my package in plastic to protect it from the rain. Thanks, nice human.!”

21. This local grocery store in Sweden has a “parking spot for dogs” that comes with an automatic fan system, heated floor during winter, and an automatic cleaning after every visit.

22. The Paignton Zoo in the UK has dryers for your glasses to stop them from fogging up when you enter more humid buildings.

23. How do you quickly boost your customers’ mood? Build this display with cookies!

24. “My grocery store bags items in blue bags if they’re cold, so you can put them away first.”

Bonus: McDonald’s just opened a small restaurant for bees.

Have you ever encountered examples like these of the caring approach companies use when taking care of their customers? We would be glad to read your stories in the comments!

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