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20 Lucky People Who Caught 1 in 1,000,000 Miracles

What is a miracle? According to the Oxford dictionary definition, a miracle is an extraordinary event which we can’t explain by natural or scientific laws. Yet for us, as ordinary people, any natural or human creation, or amazing coincidence that makes us stare in bewilderment and wonder, can be considered a miracle. The people in this list were lucky enough to capture these “miracles” with their cameras.

We at Bright Side can’t wait to share these photos with you. They made us smile and sometimes even wonder how they were even possible. Look through this list up until the end for your daily dose of beauty and surprise.

1. Bioluminescent Bay

2. Perfect camouflage

3. An otherworldly flower

4. Cheerios in coffee make it creepy

5. Blooming ice

6. A duck tomato

7. Just an ordinary safari ride

8. The flower growing out of a drain pipe in a concrete wall

9. One of the reasons to not wear Crocs in summer

10. Moonbow created by a full moon

11. South African plants that look like stones

12. Miracle of flight

13. Flying human

14. Dead flowers that look like skulls

15. Ladybug sailing adventure

16. A misprinted penny that made it into circulation

17. “Don’t you dare even look at me” flower

18. World’s largest rug, Friesland, the Netherlands

19. Trona Pinnacles in the California desert

20. A close up of a humming bird

Which photo surprised you the most? Do you have your own photos of personal miracles and wonders? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions, pictures, and impressions in the comments!

Preview photo credit doodlewhale/twitter, SheykMay/reddit
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