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20+ Luxury Items Wealthy People Buy That We Didn’t Even Know Existed

It is very true that being able to enjoy life is a matter of attitude, but it is also true that everyone has access to certain luxuries available to them depending on their own purchasing power. What, for us, might be something so extravagant that we don’t even know it exists, for others it is simply one more item in their daily lives. And vice versa. The interesting thing is to be able to share these different experiences and broaden our knowledge of the world.


Bright Side brings you several stories of people who saw these ostentatious purchases up close — so close that they realized they didn’t even know that kind of object was actually on the market.

  • My uncle is a doctor. He has been the lead board member for one of the biggest hospitals, and a world-famous one, in my area for the last 4/5 years. Dude is loaded. So much so that I learned he has a personal tram (think ski-lift) to his house. Never knew those were a thing. ©SlowVibeActual / Reddit
  • I’m a plumber, and I recently installed a smart shower which I’ve known about. But this one had 2 rainfall heads and 8 body sprays. The unit also has a sauna steamer built-in and can connect to your phone. So when you’re driving down your street you can pick the aroma you’d like and set the temp of your shower, so when you walk in it’s just ready for you. ©DaChristopher-REEVES / Reddit
  • I watched a documentary once on the food that rich people eat and there was a place that provided caviar that came from... get this... sturgeons that get played live jazz music. Recorded jazz music wasn’t good enough, it had to be performed live by a pianist. Live jazz. For fish. ©StressNeck / Reddit
  • It’s not really a “luxury item,” but this guy I knew in the dorms never wore socks more than a day. He just put on a new pair, right out of the package every day and tossed the “old” ones in the trash. It’s not like he even did his own laundry either, he just collected his clothes in a big bag and someone would pick them up at the front desk and return them washed and neatly folded once a week. He was shocked to discover that the rest of us not only did our own laundry but also laundered our socks. ©DLS3141 / Reddit
  • My in-laws have a rich friend who wrote the script for a movie glamorizing her own life, produced and starred in said movie, got a famous retired actor to play her father, got her son’s model girlfriend to play her younger self, and gave us all the DVD and a collectors book for the holidays... It was the most cringe “movie” we’ve ever watched. She also tracked down some singer she used to be a fan of back when she was a kid. She got this poor woman, now old and retired, to cameo in her movie where she had to listen to our rich friend sing one of her old songs and then tell her how talented she is and how she totally could have had a singing career if she hadn’t become a rich businesswoman instead. The former singer was so not into it and was clearly doing it for the paycheck. ©food**reddit / Reddit
  • Those pills you take with food that have gold in them, so when you go to the bathroom it sparkles. Yes, this is real. ©llcucf80 / Reddit
  • I used to work for an engineering firm and we did the engineering (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection) for high-end residential in NYC. There was a client who owned a floor in an apartment building on Central Park West. The people below him moved out so he bought that floor to host parties. He had a 6″ thick sound and vibration dampening system installed on that level so he wouldn’t bother the people that lived below. The building was old and the existing elevator would not stop the additional 6″ higher on that floor only, so he installed a new elevator in the building. He also paid for French plasterers to come and live in NYC while they did the ornate plaster crown molding in the apartment. ©Lazlo_Hollyfeld / Reddit
  • My cousin’s mansion has heated floors in the garage. He said it sounds really unnecessary, but when the weather is freezing, he just turns on the floor heat a few minutes before he’s ready to leave and it warms up his car so he doesn’t have to. Like, I don’t personally need that in my life, but if I had it, I would use it. ©NeedsMoreTuba / Reddit
  • I know a couple who live in NYC who have a live-in “nanny” for their 2 dogs. They hire a different veterinary student every few years. The student gets their own suite, a town car, a generous salary in the high 5 figures, paid trips home twice yearly, and nice bonuses. Their only job is to care for their pets, including home cooking their meals, walks, training, and taking them to any appointments. By all accounts, it’s a pretty sweet gig. ©AuntySocialite / Reddit
  • When I was young, my first serious girlfriend’s family was super-rich. Hundreds of millions rich. They had what I would learn was “food service.” This consisted of a woman who would show up in the morning at maybe 5:30 and stock the fridge and make sure the coffee was on the timer and that there were fresh pastries, etc. At 7:30 the actual food service people would arrive with fresh food for the day and prep anything you wanted. If you wanted something special for dinner, say lobster thermidor, you just had to tell them by 3 and it would be ready whenever you wanted. This included any snack you *might* want. Did you like the cheeseburger and want a few for later? Done. Every day the fridge would be stocked and cleaned out. It was amazing. An excellent use of disposable income in my humble opinion. ©yeastlords / Reddit
  • You can buy clothing that is made to order and then multiple copies are made and put into the closets of all your residences. That way you don’t have to pack when you travel because a complete wardrobe is in every home. ©Crazy_Kusanagi / Reddit
  • A penthouse owner has a private elevator but also their garage is an elevator so you can drive home and when you open your car door you’re at the same level as your apartment. A private garage elevator? ©sonia72quebec / Reddit
  • The wealthy version of a public storage unit: an exceptionally wealthy family I know refers to a wing of the local art museum as their “public storage unit.” They funded the wing to store their huge collection of classic and modern art since it was more practical than private storage — it included a climate-controlled, 24/7 secure location managed by professionals. Plus, the curators would handle the swapping out of pieces to/from the museum and their home when they needed a different style or era to fit the mood of the next dinner or event at the house. Which was funny because sometimes the swaps would introduce a dozen or so pieces not before displayed at the museum — essentially creating a new exhibit that the museum would package and promote. Behind the fuss, the family just wanted to create the right ambiance for grandma’s 80th birthday party. ©writenroll / Reddit
  • Some superyachts have support vessels or “shadow yachts.” It is essentially a second ship that follows you and your yacht and carries smaller boats, jet skis, helicopters, subs, you name it. Just the most exorbitant toy hauler. ©PBR_Sheetz / Reddit
  • My boss’s husband worked in construction and got a job to modify a house for one of these guys. They picked out a house, offered the owners tons and tons of money to get out in 48 hours. The crew came in and worked around the clock to modify the house. They flew in materials from all over the world. Marble, stonework, stained glass windows. Money was no object. All so some rich oil dude can live in it for a couple of months and never come back. ©ohiomensch / Reddit
  • DuPont registry. People buy items, never taking possession of them, just to have their name listed as the owner in the various registries. The actual item just sits in a vault someplace, with owners changing every so often and likely never actually seeing it in person. DuPont is just one of the more widely known ones. ©schlingfo / Reddit

What one thing that you didn’t even know existed has been bought by someone very rich? If you had a lot of money from one day to the next, what would be the first thing you would buy?

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