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20+ Men Who Haven’t Quite Figured Life Out Yet

Generally, men mature later than women. And no matter what they do, whether they’re still playing video games, failing at household chores, or cracking the same old jokes — it seems like they’re enjoying it. So instead of struggling to understand why some men behave like they don’t know how to cope with life, it would be better to admit that maybe sometimes, they just don’t want to.

Bright Side has gathered a bunch of examples that reveal men’s true nature and demonstrate to us that every man is still a little bit of a Peter Pan deep down.

1. I asked my boyfriend to hang the wash to dry and came back to this.

2. He promised he wouldn’t forget about my veggies.

3. My friends husband thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster...

4. My girlfriend asked me to sharpen her lip liner.

5. How do I tell my bf that there are some pistachio shells in the jar of seashells that he brought me?

6. I asked my husband to make baked potatoes for dinner... this is what I got.

7. My boyfriend, everyone...

8. I asked him to take a picture of us.

9. I got my girlfriend a 3ct ring for Christmas. She was not happy.

10. I was complaining to my boyfriend that we never cuddle anymore and this was his solution.

11. My husband “helped” me by washing our towels...

12. He promised to bring me some food from the bar...

13. This is how my brother chews tape gum.

14. The way my boyfriend sliced this avocado...

15. My boyfriend squeezes the toothpaste like this all the time.

16. The way my husband hangs up our son’s shirt

17. I guess my boyfriend has never heard of using the dryer.

18. I am 5’1″ and I asked my 6’2″ husband to hang a mirror for me.

19. This is how my brother left his laptop when he came into the kitchen.

20. My brother wrapped my Christmas present. I guess he was trying to show how much he loves me.

21. Well... this is how my boyfriend’s leftover spaghetti was stored in the fridge.

22. When dad finds your eyelash extensions:

Do you also have a male family member who refuses to grow up? Why do you think it’s so common for men to sometimes be so confused about household chores? Let us know what crazy things the man-child in your life does in the comments below.

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