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19 Lies and Facts About Food That Will Blow Your Mind

The food we eat every day is pretty much an essential part of our lives, yet there is a whole bunch of fascinating secrets to it we would never even imagine.

We at Bright Side were impressed to find out about some of these lesser-known facts that reveal a lot as to what mysteries the contents of our plates hold for us.

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Proof: bbc

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Proof: time

Proof: farmzero

Proof: mcdonalds

Proof: usatoday

Proof: nutella

Proof: wikipedia

Proof: huffpost

Proof: tea

Proof: bbc

Proof: fastcodesign

Proof: amazon

Proof: vox

Proof: bbc

Bonus: Wrapping fail

Sometimes we don’t get what we expect. Like here: it’s not a panda at all!

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