18 Misleading Photos That Aren’t Exactly What They Seem

Do you often see the most diverse images in random objects? From Scrat the squirrel to Chewbacca? Don't worry, everything is all right with you. This is just a kind of optical illusion known as pareidolia.

Bright Side has collected 18 photos in which usual things hide something else.

1. It's just an ordinary walnut that looks like Chewbacca.

2. And this little guy is loved by everyone.

3. No disrespect to Woody Harrelson...

4. There are many who see the famous British astrophysicist too.

5. It's either bacon or...

6. Jack Nicholson is past his prime, but his smile is still the same.

7. Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age

8. Do you remember this movie scene? Someone clearly can't get it out of their head.

9. This pastry is for the slowest.

10. Where else would you see the shark from Finding Nemo if not in Antelope Canyon?

11. If Princess Leia were a chair and a food-lover...

12. Donatello, where are the other 3?

13. Hitler kettle

14. One would think it's only a cinnamon roll...

15. A little magic, and a road cone turns into...

16. A Yoda cloud looks like this.

17. Rafiki from The Lion King is hiding in someone's backyard.

18. Plants look like people at a music festival.

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