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20 Nasty Things Real Homo Sapiens Wouldn’t Do for the World

People sometimes do things that can’t be logically explained. For example, they don’t move aside to allow an ambulance through, they throw away their rubbish in the streets, and ruin different objects located in public places.

Bright Side is 100% sure intelligent people wouldn’t ever do the things depicted in these photos below.

20. “This man throwing his candy wrappers for me to sweep up during work”

19. “Someone did this to the whole store...”

18. Why did they do this? We have no answer.

17. This woman used a speakerphone in a waiting room.

16. “How our last tenants left the newly installed carpet after 1.5 years...”

15. “This lady stood in front of automatic doors in below freezing weather for 10 minutes talking on the phone.”

14. A man throwing his garbage away right in front of an officer cleaning the river

13. A student at the university writing on the walls before the exam begins

12. Littering on a WW I memorial

11. When there’s nothing more important than an Instagram pic:

10. That driver is blocking the ambulance deliberately.

9. “Somebody left their bike right next to mine and locked them together.”

8. Names carved into a plant at the US National Botanical Gardens

7. “Something to think about the next time you eat at the salad bar”

6. The right way to carry a ladder

5. “This lady is resting on the apples.”

4. Someone left their empty cup instead of throwing it away.

3. Ruining wet cement just to cut traffic

2. A pond outside a shopping center

1. Chewed gum on a hat in a store

Why do you think some people do such awful things?

Preview photo credit Blitrix123 / reddit
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