20 Natural Phenomena That Look So Dreamlike, It’s Hard to Believe They’re Real

In 2010 the Pakistani village of Sindh suffered massive floods that drove millions of spiders and other insects into the trees. As a result, the people of Sindh witnessed a unique natural phenomenon they had never seen before: the trees in the village were cocooned with thick layers of spider webs! It’s just amazing that after hundreds of years of research and investigation we still observe overwhelming natural phenomena that challenge our knowledge and imagination.

Bright Side invites you on a journey around planet Earth to see some breathtaking shots people caught with their cameras.

1. Trees cocooned in thick spider webs after flooding, Pakistan

2. Ice bubbles appear as a result of plant matter decomposition under the ice in Spray Lake, Canada

3. Starling murmurations look mesmerizing, don’t they?

4. These lenticular clouds look like UFOs in the sky!

5. When lava meets the ocean:

6. Light pillars are rare atmospheric optical phenomena that are caused by the interaction between light and ice crystals.

7. Have you ever seen a white rainbow?

8. Red crab migrations color seashores in scarlet!

9. A natural gas leak causes a flickering flame under the waterfall at Eternal Flame Falls in Chestnut Ridge County Park, New York.

10. Turquoise ice cubes on Lake Baikal, Russia

11. These spherical boulders on the seashore look extraterrestrial!

12. Darvaza gas crater, Turkmenistan, got its second name, The Door to Hell, thanks to its continuous burning.

13. Sometimes ice can take on the intricate shape of flowers.

14. Are we still on planet Earth? Magical Spotted Lake, Canada

15. “Shelf cloud in Central Texas. The green glow is caused by the sunlight hitting hail in the storm.”

16. Penitentes are pillar-shaped snow formations found at high altitudes.

17. Hole punch clouds are giant open spaces that appear in continuous clouds.

18. Desert roses are rose-shaped crystal formations found in arid sandy areas.

19. “Mammatus clouds at sunset over an abandoned farmhouse in Texas.”

20. Clouds that look just like rainbows are called fire rainbows. Don’t they look fantastic?

BONUS: Is it a hole or a lake? Leogang, Austria.

Which of these natural phenomena surprised you the most? Have you ever seen anything as extraordinary? Did you manage to take a picture? Share your impressions and shots in the comments!

Preview photo credit hannesstier / Instagram
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